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We couldn't do it without you


At International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBBRC) we could not function without the dedication and support we receive from our volunteers. They clean cages, mop floors and transport birds. They help us with data input, care for birds and siphon out pools.

See: Fairfield Daily Republic news story

We would like to proudly recognize the wonderful volunteers that help make IBBRC a success in bird care.

At the Northern California bird center in Fairfield, thanks go to:

Carol Lombard
Marge Elliotte
Janet Barth
Pat & Hugh Denton
Tom Tucker
Jim Beel
Deanne Endobron
Lori Cardenas
Barbara Davis
Donna Callison
Lara Carpenter
Dori Dick
Kathy Dutra
Kim Fuchs
Jeff Gray
Jeanette Hanneman
Sandra Hawkins
James Hodge
Betty Livingston
Nancy Mix
Aicha Ougzin
Sean Quinlan
Bill Reid
Carol Webb
Rosemarie Sholz
Sheena Springer
Marilou Thomas
Becky Volz
Sue Pinkham
Diane Watson
Susan Wilkinson
Betty Walther
Vickie Santas
Ann Yasuda
Jan Morris

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