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Upcoming California trainings

Prepare for handling oiled wildlife at IBRRC/OWCN classes

Photo of training

Demonstrating proper washing techniques for oiled birds.

Would you like to acquire the safety training necessary for working with oiled animals? As a member of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN), IBRRC offers intensive oil spill (HAZCOM) and animal trainings through OWCN.

This year IBRRC and OWCN are offering classes in California for both Basic Supervisor Training and Continuing Education for Advanced Supervisor Training.

Basic Supervisor Training provides an overview of oil spill response in the State of California. Continuing Education for Advanced Supervisor Training provides advanced training for supervisors participating in oil spills in California; you must have completed Basic Supervisor Training to enroll in Continuing Education for Advanced Supervisor Training. Contact us for more information

*Note: All these trainings are ony open to OWCN participants.

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