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Penguins released in South Africa photo

African penguins released in Cape Town, South Africa. (IFAW photo)

Saving 20,000 penguins

Quick overview on how IBRRC assisted in the world's largest wildbird rescue in Cape Town, South Africa. Photos from the June-September 2000 spill.
In-depth report on the Treasure spill response

Oiled Ducks and Geese saved

Nasty spill in Auburn, California pond brings domestic ducks and geese to Northern California center for treatment.

Pelicans in peril

Pelicans get the spotlight after IBRRC points out serious problems with injured Brown Pelicans and fishing line.

Galapagos Islands

Notes & photos on response to oil spill in the Galapagos Islands in January 2001.

Albatross mania

Wayward albatrosses returned the wild. Info on these beautiful birds.

Munch: The return of a unique rehabilitated bird

The remarkable story about "Munch" a Laysan Albatross



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