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November 26, 2003

Albatross found wandering in San Mateo

Rescued bird returns to IBRRC for second time

Cordelia, CA

A Laysan Albatross, seen walking down 3rd Avenue in San Mateo, was quickly rescued by a Good Samaritan who took him to the nearest wildlife rescue center. Memory may have served him that his last visit, twenty months earlier, had produced free squid and a whale watching tour.

“His rescuer did the right thing, taking the bird from a city street and immediately to the Peninsula Humane Society,” said Jay Holcomb, director of International Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia where the bird was transferred yesterday. Albatross spend their lives at sea, only coming on land to nest. They need a long water runway to take off. Probably looking for nesting sites, they sometimes land in the Bay Area.

IBRRC staff looked up the metal band number on the bird’s leg and found they had banded it March 10, 2002, after it had landed on a barge that docked in Benicia.
Just like the last time, the albatross will spend time in one of IBRRC’s spacious pools eating squid. He’ll get another free ticket on a whale watching boat and about 25 miles out at sea he’ll meet his water runway, hopefully heading west, not east.

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