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October 23, 2007

San Pedro, CA

Offering shelter to displaced birds

Pets and wildlife welcome at center during Southern California fires

Ducks from fire

Temporary home: A domestic Crested Duck and a domestic Mallard relax at IBRRC's San Pedro center. Both birds were transferred from the California Wildlife Center in Calabasas, CA. (Photo: IBRRC)

International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) in San Pedro is offering temporary shelter to waterfowl and aquatic birds displaced due to the fires raging in Southern California. This past weekend, IBRRC received both wild and domestic ducks, coots and other birds that had to be evacuated from a wildlife center in Malibu.

“This is a terrible tragedy for people, their pets and wildlife,” said Jay Holcomb, director of IBRRC. “Our staff and volunteers are trained in emergency response and just like oil spills, there are innocent victims who need help and shelter. We want people who have pet ducks and geese, as well as other wildlife centers that need to evacuate, to know that our doors are open to them.” Animal Control agencies who need help caring for avian victims should also contact IBRRC.

Fire map Southern California, Octobver 24, 2007

Map of Southern California fire as of Oct. 24, 2007. Larger image (Map: Google/USFS)

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has offered to help pay for the cost of caring for avian fire victims.  IBRRC partners with IFAW providing Emergency Relief (ER) for animals who are victims of oil spills, and other disasters. People who need temporary housing for pet ducks, geese and swans should call IBRRC for more information.

Please note: IBRRC staff and volunteers cannot rescue people’s pets

IBRRC treats native waterfowl and aquatic birds 365 days a year and is located in the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center, 3601 South Gaffey Street, in Fort MacArthur, next to the Marine Mammal Center. IBRRC manages the 10,000 square foot facility for the California Department of Fish & Game. The phone number at the center is 310-514-2573.  Please leave a message as staff and volunteers may be busy attending to patients.  Messages are checked regularly. Directions to the San Pedro center may be found at http://ibrrc.org/so_cal_directions.html.

Eared grebes

Eared grebes in pool at San Pedro center. IBRRC is offering to house avian animals displaced by Southern California fires. (Photo: IBRRC)

Additional info:

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