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Freighter photo: Oil spill Alaska

In December 2004, Selendang Ayu a soybean carrier
broke in two off Unalaska Island, Alaska.
(Photo courtesy: Polaris Applied Sciences, Inc.)


Current spill response

See where IBRRC personnel are helping oiled animals.


Penguin network

Teaming up to help oiled penguins in South America.


Oil spill history

See chart of spills responded to by IBRRC. 2006-10 2000-05, 1996-99, 1990-95, 1980s, 1970s


On a smaller scale

Some oil spills that IBRRC helps with are smaller in scope, but they still get listed here.


How oil affects bird

Only a small amount of oil will damage a bird's internal temperature regulation.


Procedures for cleaning birds

How IBRRC identifies and rehabilitates oiled birds.


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