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You found a bird, now what?

Follow these simple directions to help keep the bird safe and warm

Bittern chcik

A rescued Bittern at Cordelia center. (Photo: JL Poplin)

When you find a small bird there's a few important steps to keeping it safe before transporting it to one our centers.

Please follow these TEMPORARY care instructions:

1) Find a medium/large sized box and place a folded towel at the bottom. There should be holes in the box big enough for air flow.

2) Place the bird or birds in the box at keep in a dark, quiet place.

3) Keep the bird warm.

3) Please don't feed the bird.

4) Leave the bird alone; don't handle or bother it.

5) Always keep children and pets away.

6) Call one of our bird centers and let us know:

  • Northern California: (707) 207-0380 ext. 110

  • Southern California: (310) 514-2573

  • WildRescue: (866) WILD-911 (California hotline that connects you to wildlife rescue organization near you)

Outside California? Call your local humane center or animal rescue group and ask for a referral.

Each year IBBRC helps raise and release thousands of orphaned ducklings and other baby aquatic birds. We run two bird centers in California: San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles area.

The public is encouraged to help us: Adopt a bird

For further help please see these resources:

I Found a Baby Bird Now What? (PDF file 27 kb)

Are You A Birdnapper? (PDF file 97 kb)



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