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Getting creative about fundraising

Dear friends,

Our Alien Duck X-Ray has become quite the pop culture phenomenon.  Who Knew?  When we discovered this little alien face in the x-ray we all got a big kick out of it because it was so well defined and obvious.  We thought it was a unique one of a kind item so we decided to give it a try on eBay to see if there was anyone that would want to purchase it.  Our reasoning was that if someone would buy the cheese toast with a image of the Madonna on it then maybe someone would want and alien in a duck x-ray.  We had no idea that it would become the lead on the news worldwide.  We believe that auctioning the x-ray on eBay is a creative and “out of the box” method in which to raise money for IBRRC and we are proud of that.

As you have probably realized by now, IBRRC is a non-profit organization and the wild animals that come to us in need of care do not carry credit cards or have owners that pay for them.  Our ongoing challenge is to generate enough interest and income to fund the rehabilitation of the 4,000 or so birds that we care for every year in our two rehabilitation centers in California.  It has been our privilege to care for literally tens of thousands of birds over the last 35 years but the bottom line is that it requires ongoing financial support to do this work.  

Over 60% of the birds we receive are casualties of human generated pollution, urban sprawl or intentional acts of cruelty.  We firmly believe that it everyone’s  responsibility to care for these animals.  Nonetheless, getting people to see the problem and support our efforts has not always been easy to achieve.  I loved the comment from the person who visited the eBay auction and said, “I challenge everyone reading this to donate at least $10 to the IBRRC.”  If everyone gave only $10 a year we could do the job very well and help countless animals and make an even greater contribution to the world and the environment.  So, thank you to that person for recognizing an easy solution to this problem.

We are assuming that most people either do not want or cannot afford the original Alien in a Duck x-ray so we created a “pop up” menu on this web site to guide you to ways that you can provide ongoing support to IBRRC.  This is an opportunity to contribute to the environment in a meaningful and tangible way.  By supporting the rehabilitation of wild animals in our clinics you don’t just give money with a promise that it will be used correctly.  You get to see the results of your contribution when our patients are released back into the wild and if you become a Pelican Partner you can actually visit one of our centers and go with us to release your bird to the wild.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our centers then please contact us at the numbers on this web site.  If you are not in the areas where are centers are located you can locate other worthwhile wildlife rehabilitation organizations to support through these two web sites.  The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, or the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council,  

Again, Thank you for your interest in IBRRC.  As you can see through our web site, we have a long history of very dramatic oil spills and dynamic work in the field of wildlife rehabilitation.  It is a nice change of pace for us to do “tongue in cheek” interviews about aliens in ducks when we are usually talking about wildlife in crisis.  I hope you are having as much fun as we are with it.

Thanks for visiting us.  

Jay Holcomb
Executive Director

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