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So many hungry mouths to feed: Adopt an orphaned duckling now

Duckling bunch

A mass of ducklings at IBRRC's Northern California bird center. (Jay Holcomb/IBRRC)

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Download an Adoption form (PDF 172 kb)

Last year the bird center staff helped raise and release 1,400 orphaned ducklings – 1,200 in Fairfield and 200 ducklings in San Pedro. This year it looks to another banner year. With your help we can offset the tremenedous expense that comes from taking care of these wonderful birds.

Duckling in gloved hands photo

Orphaned duckings take a lot of care. See Larger (IBRRC photo)

Why do we get so many? Over the last 150 years the valleys of California have lost over 80% of their original wetlands to filling and urban sprawl. Waterfowl are adaptable to certain human actions but require water to survive and raise their young. In urban settings they often mistake landscaped yards and swimming pools as wetlands. Every year increasing numbers of waterfowl find themselves in the hands and yards of humans. Mother ducks leading their babies to water are often hit by cars or attacked by dogs. Others lead their ducklings to swimming pools, where their babies become trapped and then rescued by humans. The frightened mothers fly away. Herons and egrets fall out of nests and land on lawns and in gardens.

Because of our expertise and facilities, IBRRC receives orphans from wildlife centers in surrounding counties. In 2004, we raised and released over 1,500 aquatic birds. It’s a lot of mouths to feed!

Our adoption program helps you be a part of this. Please consider adopting one or more of our orphans this year and help pay for their care. Many pelicans were adopted as gifts for birthdays, weddings, births of babies, and in memory of beloved people and pets. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, an orphan duckling, heron, egret or pelican adoption is a wonderful way to acknowledge your parents, or their memory.

For more information about our adoption program, download an adopt-a-bird form (PDF 172 kb). If you need personal help, or have questions, please call (707) 207-0380 extension 109.

Download an Adoption form (PDF 172 kb)

Send a $25 check per duckling (or a clutch for $75) to:

c/o Adopt a Duckling
4369 Cordelia Road
Fairfield, CA 94534

Need more info?
Email Us

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Duck video image

See how we treat ducks

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Jay Holcomb interview on KUIC 95.3 radio about duckling adoptions

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Photos and story about release of orphaned ducklings.






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