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Spill response FAQs

Spill response FAQs

Questions answered about how waterproof birds equal clean birds and use "Dawn" soap to clean oily feathers.

22 yrs after Exxon Valdez

1989 spill leaves its mark. Jay Holcomb's Podcast interview

Spill response timeline

List of our response to 200+ oil spills since 1971.

Success stories

Coming to the aid of 20,000 oiled Penguins in Cape Town, South Africa.

Spotted a CA oiled bird?

In the State of California please call the Oiled Wildlife Care Network 1-877-823-6926. Provide where bird was found, species and time found.

Help birds: Donate to IBRRC

Help us save oiled birds

Your donations needed as more oiled birds are in care this month as natural oil seep event continues along Southern California coast. Donate to help

Give the Gift of Life

"Adopt" a pelican, duckling or become a bird rescue Member.

Job postings

Wildlife Center Managers and Rehabilitation Technician.

Bird lover's gift ideas

Purchase Books, DVDs and more through our Amazon link and IBRRC earns rewards.

Volunteer classes

Sign up for orientation classes at one our two California bird centers: San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles.

Breaking news: Saving Pelican 895 movie poster

Saving Pelican 895

New award-winning HBO documentary debuts Wednesday, April 20th on the one year anniversary of Gulf Oil Spill. See our blog post

Spill threatens Penguins

Catastrophic oil spill on mid-South Atlantic Ocean remote island is threatening an entire colony of endangered Northern Rockhopper Penguins. Read blog post

Dawn Jr. Wildlife Program

New wildlife education and activity program launches that aims to educat 1 million children in grades 3-5 by the beginning of the 2011-12 school year. Program details.

Found a bird, now what?

How to keep a found bird safe. Details. Was it a blue banded bird? Report it online.

Northern California (707) 207-0380  •  Southern California (310) 514-2573  •  Alaska (907) 562-1329

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